richmond justice program SUMMER INTERNSHIP

june 8 - july 27, 2019


Is there a purpose for your life? Does God care about the injustice in our world?

Find the intersection of these questions in the Richmond Justice Program. Explore how God is calling you to live out your vocation in the world through a summer of intensive discipleship, where you’ll learn how Jesus is at work renewing the city through its people.

The issues of racism, poverty, violence, and greed driving our headlines today didn’t just appear. They have roots, back through the beginning of the American story. Nowhere is this more clear than in Richmond, where Patrick Henry declared “Give me liberty or give me death” while slaves were sold down the river, where today the poverty rate is 5% among whites but 30% in black communities.

The summer internship gives students an immersive experience of living out their values by sending them in teams to intern with community-based organizations in the Northside and East End of Richmond that address the social issues of the city, according to their interests. Possible internship fields include child/youth development, urban church ministry, community health, job skills training, immigration services, and environmental justice.

Students live, work, and go to church with other IV students in low-income neighborhoods of Richmond. Throughout the summer, students receive teaching from a Christian perspective on the biblical values of service, justice, and compassion, as well as receiving regular training in leadership, teamwork, and decision-making. This hands-on experience equips students to use their careers to combat the social, economic, and spiritual challenges of our world.


Each intern is required to be fully present for the entirety of the program, following all guidelines described in the application. Students with financial need can apply to receive a moderate stipend as income for the summer.  The cost of the program is $2500/person, fundraised as a team by all participants with training and support from IV staff. This cost includes all food and housing.  

Ideal interns are ready to challenge themselves in a new environment, engaging deeply with justice issues through relationships. They are maturing Christians, growing in leadership on their campuses.

Ready to Apply?

Round One Deadline: february 15, 2019

Round Two Deadline: March 31, 2019

Acceptance and internship placements will be offered earlier to Round One Applicants.

InterVarsity students: talk to your staff about bringing a team from your school or small group!

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