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We have 6 tracks for you to choose from!  Select the track that speaks to you the most!


What do you believe about yourself? Who are you to God? Our answers to these types of questions, or our sense of identity, is shaped by many factors including family, friends, experiences and culture. 

This track will dig into Scripture (especially Colossians) to discover the answers to the answers to these types of questions.  We will look at various elements of our identity such as our humanity, sexuality, family and relationships.  We will work towards this end: that Jesus will begin or continue to transform us to more accurately and beautifully reflect Him.


Do you want a fresh, up close and personal encounter with Jesus?   Do you want to spend a week diving into the gospel of Mark, learning new Bible Study skills to enrich your personal and group Bible study and worship?  In this track, using manuscript study, we will meet Jesus together in new ways.  We will  learn about the nature and values of God’s kingdom.  We will also discover what it looks like to follow Jesus and be a witness for him on campus. 

kingdom living

How do we live out our callings as Christian in the world today?  With Jesus' Sermon on the Mount as our foundation, this track will focus on character and conduct. We will help the more mature Christian delve into deeper character issues such as self-image, sexuality and ethnicity. We will also consider how we as Christians should live out our faith in such areas as politics, multi-ethnicity, and social justice.

*This track is only open Week 2.


How do I lead a small group?  How do we build a thriving witnessing community on campus? When Jesus came to change the world, he didn't build an army, write a book, or invent the iPad--He led a small group.  This track will equip you to lead a small group- through scripture study, community building, and missional activity.

*This track is required for InterVarsity Small Group Leaders and open to anyone leading a small group this coming year.


What is God's vision for our lives AND for our campuses? This track will focus on the personal growth of the leader as well as seek God's vision and plans for your campus. It will help develop your Coordinating Team into a biblical community.

*This track is invitation only.  Please check with your staff if you would like to be invited.


Would you like to have a better understanding of why musical worship in your chapter is so important? Do you need equipping in leading a team, team membership, multiethnic worship, vision casting, goal setting, leading rehearsal, and pursuing excellence in music presentation?  In this track we will spend time in Scripture, prayer, and group  discussion that will explore the big questions of why and how God is worshipped. Additionally, we will participate in worship set planning and practice as we lead our Rockbridge peers each night in worship.

*This track is invitation only.  Please check with your staff if you would like to be invited.

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